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Kansas & Missouri

Oil & Gas Consulting 

Filings via KOLAR-KCC/ DNR.MO


  • Operator License/Renewal

  • Drilling Intents

  • Completion Reports

  • Waste Transfer

  • Pit Application/Pit Closure

  • Plugging Application/Plugging Record

  • Temporary Abandonment

  • Injection Well Application

  • Annual Water Reports

  • Transfer of Operator

  • Well Inventory Management



Tier II Reporting & SPCC Plans


Tier II Reporting - As an operator you are required to report hazardous substances under the Kansas and Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. This information is reported electronically and due annually February 28.

SPCC Plans - The Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control plan is a federal requirement for each tank site owned by an operator.  Call for more information.

Administrative Services


Personnel Management

  • Day-to-day employee management

  • Safety Meetings

  • Employee Evaluations

  • Administer Employee Handbook 

  • Disciplinary Actions

Insurance Management

KDOT Compliance

  • Required Drug Testing Management

  • KDOT file management

  • Fleet management

Oil & Gas assessments (property taxes)

Oil & Gas severance tax exemption

Property tax exemption

Oil & Gas new pool exemption

Office Organization

(Contact us to help you overcome the clutter) 

  • Clear the piles - revise the Filing System, create a system that flows

  • Layout - create a fluent workplace where you can work efficiently around your daily needs and tasks

  • Everything has a home - all items need a suitable place so you can find them in seconds

  • At arms reach - arrange the equipment and supplies that you use most within reach. Things that you rarely use can be stored or put away.

  • Neat and orderly - Label your files, bins, baskets, drawers and boxes. This will save you time. Not only will it remind you where things go, but it will also help others who may need to find, use or put away anything in the office.


Don't wait to organize your office. The longer you wait, the more time you waste.

Give us a call today.

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